Importance of Hiring the Right Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have offered thought to work with a criminal lawyer you no doubt have numerous unanswered concerns. No matter if you call them a defense lawyer or a criminal attorney when confronted with a crime you need to seek advice from one.

When you have actually been charged with a crime and have no lawful representation, you need to look for an attorney and lots of people like on your own have no idea just how to approach this procedure.

Our nation’s court systems have ended up being complicated and also for that reason when confronted with a criminal charge you require a criminal legal representative. You do not want to handle this on your own. So how much does a defense attorney cost? The only manner in which you can locate that out is to ask your defense lawyer what she or he bills. If you speak with your defense attorney there are numerous alternatives to manage the fee as well as the secret to uncovering these is to simply ask.

So the next inquiry that frequently shows up is where do you locate a terrific criminal attorney? You might want to ask your family and friends or another trusted resource such as a physician you depend on. You can also look in the telephone directory or paper. You can also search for on the internet directories and also websites.

After you start the option of your defense attorney you will certainly wish to ask him or her numerous various other concerns as well as not just how much do you charge. You will wish to know if the lawyer has a special location of legislation they practice. You will additionally like to know if they have dealt with situations comparable to your own prior to. Feel free to ask concerning the outcome of those past cases.

An additional inquiry of factor to consider is if they will certainly be the only person that will be assigned to manage your case. If they answer no to that inquiry you will intend to ask what else will certainly be on your instance as well as inquire about their experience as well.

You will certainly also need to know if there is anything that you can do to aid your own instance. You might ask if there is any kind of legal research you can help with to keep the costs down yet just do this if you are qualified and also feel comfy doing so.

You will certainly likewise require to know if there is a charge for the preliminary examination and how much that is. Ask what to do in case you need to reach your criminal lawyer after hours. Ask if the lawyer has attended any kind of continuing education courses in the past few years.

Don’t forget to ask about the actual courtroom case as well as the procedures there. Make sure you comprehend everything and also ask the criminal legal representative about anything you do not recognize. Keep in mind that your lawyer works for you. Prior to pertaining to a final decision, do your research. It is very important you feel entirely comfortable speaking to your lawyer and that they recognize and listen to you; they will be your voice in the court.

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Personal Injury Attorney New Orleans

A personal injury attorney is always readily available to aid you in any sort of mishap that occurs to you. If you, however, come to be the victim of a crash and get yourself wounded, a personal injury lawyer is one of the most qualified person who can aid you to take essential steps versus the individual responsible for that crash, along with, to obtain pay. An injury attorney is a specific lawyer that is well furnished with the understanding of both injury laws as well as civil rights.

A skilled injury lawyer can quickly categorize the extent of the injury of the victim along with the seriousness of the case. Therefore, they can take necessary actions versus the event for whose oversight the problem occurred. Once more, if a person’s carelessness resulted in the victim’s injury, after that the attorney takes actions appropriately. Whatever the reason might be and also whoever might be responsible for the injury, the attorney tries their finest to figure out every one of the relevant issues, and then take all the necessary steps against them.

A good personal injury attorney prepares to aid you if any kind of sort of crash happens to you. You may be a target of, as an example, an automobile mishap, vehicle, vehicle, bus, or van accident. Similarly, you may become the sufferer of a work environment problem, for example, because of the growth site or commercial website threats. Whatever the sort of crash might be, personal injury lawyers are prepared to aid you as required – they are proficient in all type of injury instances.

Accident attorneys are honest in attempting to maintain the civil liberties of their clients. They deal with cases as if is advantageous for their customers. Clients should help their designated lawyers by supplying them with all the essential details. The customer needs to not conceal anything from the attorney that is related to the case. The attorney recognizes what information is important for the instance and also what ought to be stayed out of the instance. They will provide anything that happened in such a method to ensure that it will certainly not injure their client. So, you need to not hide anything from your lawyer because whatever you think is inconsequential might be of alarming relevance to your attorney.

The payment technique for personal injury lawyers is additionally very practical – you do not require to offer a solitary dollar to them as their charge before being compensated on your own. You will just pay them if you win the situation and acquire the recompense; otherwise, it is not essential to give them anything. In some cases, you might need to give them something to cover certain prices like the expense to submit a legal action. These kind of costs are different than the attorney’s fees.

So, a personal injury lawyer need to be meticulously chosen by the victim suffering due to an unfavorable injury. If you or any one of your family members fall into such an unfavorable scenario, do not be reluctant to contact an accident attorney as soon as possible.

Cueria Law Practice LLC has a well-known track record in the New Orleans legal neighborhood for efficiently representing plaintiffs in Automobile Crash as well as faulty items issues. To learn more phone call currently for a cost-free first discussion at 800-899-7102 or visit our site

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How to Identify An Expert Criminal Lawyer For Defense

A criminal attorney is called for to be focused on taking care of various sorts of criminal situations. The job of these legal representatives incorporates solutions that are given to individuals that look for expert lawful assistance when they are implicated with some criminal activity. Nevertheless, the standard function of making use of solutions of criminal legal representatives is to obtain an attorney for ourselves whose task is to suggest for us to attain success in the courtroom.

Currently, with the distinctions as well as areas of criminal regulation, there are numerous groups in criminal legal representatives. The option of attorney needs to conform to the nature or group of the criminal instance an individual is charged with. For that reason, to aid you in discovering the very best criminal attorney, going over the numerous areas as well as classifications of criminal regulation is vital.

Various Areas Of Offender Regulation

Individuals that are apprehended for dedicating criminal offenses like murder, burglary, residential physical violence, sex physical violence, rape, kidnapping, hit and also run and so on, as well as various other kinds of instances want a legal representative that is well experienced in procedures under the law court.

A criminal defense attorney is helpful to those individuals that are under distress due the allegations of these sort of criminal activities. A defense attorney is a criminal attorney whose solutions begin with talking with the charged event to find out about the information of the occasion. These criminal legal representatives are normally much popular as they are searched for mainly to eliminate for the charged in the court to obtain justice for him.

Significance Of Federal Lawbreaker Attorney

After they have actually paid attention to their customers and also their viewpoint on the occasion, these legal representatives begin their research study job to collect even more realities, accumulate proofs, as well as get ready for the test process in the court. Till these attorneys customers or the charged individual confesses his/her sense of guilt by him/her very own, they do not hand their customers over.

If you are billed with a government criminal instance, you require to employ a government criminal attorney that safeguards individuals that have actually been jailed or are being explored by the government police authorities. The government defense attorney are concentrated on the government legislation area and also represent their customer throughout the instance test in the court.

Function Of Lawbreaker Justice Attorney

The criminal justice legal representative is a criminal attorney that carries out adhering to actions:

  • Examination of the situation
  • Generating Look Warrant
  • Investigation and also preparing apprehension grievance
  • Charge or accusation
  • Helping bond or appeal deals
  • Tests

The last job of the criminal legal representative [] is to make an allure in behalf of the implicated. The defense attorney is permitted to make attract just one degree of the appellate court. See lawful details online [] for additional information.

The standard objective of utilizing solutions of criminal legal representatives is to obtain a legal representative for ourselves whose task is to suggest for us to attain success in the court. Currently, with the distinctions as well as areas of criminal legislation, there are a number of classifications in criminal legal representatives. To aid you in locating the ideal criminal attorney, going over the different areas and also groups of criminal regulation is important.

A protection legal representative is a criminal attorney whose solutions begin with chatting to the implicated event to recognize concerning the information of the occasion. If you are billed with a government criminal situation, you require to work with a government criminal legal representative that protects the individuals that have actually been apprehended or are being explored by the government regulation enforcement authorities.

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New York Criminal Lawyer

The large bulk of criminal complaints in New York City are for alleged infractions of state legislation. If you were detained by the NYPD or charged by the District Attorney then you face state fees. In any criminal issue, from a Class A-I felony to a misdemeanor, the prosecutor must prove every element of the offense beyond a practical uncertainty through evidence confessed at trial. Evidence admitted attest must be legally obtained.

Attorney for Safeguarding State Costs in New York City

At Greco Neyland, PC, our experienced attorneys stand for individuals accused of violations of state regulation in New York City courts. We carry out a thorough examination of all complaints, from misdemeanors to felonies, to build the best possible defense approach. If you have actually been implicated of a crime, call a New york city City criminal defense attorney at Greco Neyland, PC.

Call (212) 951-1300 to set up a cost-free initial appointment. We stand for customers in Manhattan in New York City as well as the surrounding locations

Sorts of Charges Under New York City Legislation.

New York City Penal Regulation contains a wide range of offenses including:

  • Crimes of Violence
  • Managed Substance Offenses
  • Marijuana Charges
  • Household Misuse
  • Hooking/ Solicitation
  • Sex-related Offenses
  • Building Criminal Offenses as well as Theft
  • White Collar Charges
  • Firearm as well as Tool Charges
  • Significant Website Traffic Criminal Offenses

Every one of these various types of charges have one point in common: each fee needs the Assistant Area Lawyer (ADA) prosecuting the situation to prove every component of the violation beyond all sensible doubt. To accomplish that, the prosecutor must bring proof that is permissible at trial to confirm their case.

Duty of the Crook Defense Lawyer

The defense, in a criminal instance, does not need to show anything unless making what is called an “affirmative protection,” like self-defense. The job of the defense lawyer is to safeguard the legal rights of the accused and to show any type of reasonable doubt that may exist.

A defense lawyer can safeguard rights, for instance, by looking for to omit evidence that was acquired in infraction of the defendant’s right to be devoid of unreasonable searches and seizures. If there was evidence illegally acquired, your lawyer can file an activity to suppress that evidence.

NYC Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you encounter criminal charges in New york city High Court or New York City Wrongdoer Court, contact a former prosecutor at Greco Neyland, COMPUTER to represent you. We will perform a thorough examination to recognize to finest defense approach. Call today at (212) 951-1300 to set up a complimentary preliminary consultation.

The attorneys at Greco Neyland, represent clients throughout Manhattan and also the surrounding areas of New york city City. For a felony, misdemeanor, or violation of probation, call to learn what you need to do right now to safeguard yourself.

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Philadelphia Bankruptcy Law

Sadek & Cooper Legal Workplaces in Philly is a specialist in standing for the legal needs of our customers and their companies from our offices in Center City Philadelphia, Northeast Philly, Delaware Area, and Bucks Region, Pennsylvania.

How Can Sadek & Cooper Legal Workplaces Help You?

Our Philadelphia Personal bankruptcy Workplace focuses on the Consumer Bankruptcy Act (Chapters 7 and also 13), Company Insolvency Law, Building Regulation, Family Members Legislation as well as General Lawsuits. Our lawful workplace is available to give our clients with premium quality solutions, including IRS bankruptcy and also financial debt treatments and also tax settlement, while being able to supply reliable legal suggestions.

Our insolvency lawyers serve Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and also offer bankruptcy representation to residents of Montgomery, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and also southern New Jacket counties. Our major bankruptcy workplace is comfortably located near public transportation systems and also attractions in Center City Philly, PA

Why Should I Speak with a Philly Personal Bankruptcy Legal Representative at Sadek & Cooper?

  • About 4,000 Pleased Clients
  • We Reply to All Calls from Your Financial institutions
  • Selected Super Attorney
  • Free Initial Assessment
  • Save Your House from Being Carried out
  • No More Charge Card Financial Debt
  • No More Individual Funding Debt
  • No More Medical Billings, Collections as well as Other Financial debts!
  • Legal Charge Low, Fixed
  • Effective and Timely Discussion of Lawful Paperwork
  • Payment Plan Readily Available
  • Be Financial obligation Free!

At Sadek & Cooper Regulation Workplaces we recognize the tension as well as sleepless evenings that create your scenario, so phone conversation are addressed quickly by our lawyers and our specialist personnel.

To set up a totally free and also private appointment with a Philadelphia bankruptcy lawyer regarding your lawful issue, call our Philly headquarters at 215-545-0008.

Criminal Houston Lawyer

Have a legal question or problem in Houston? You are probably seeking the best possible lawyer and legal advice to provide a solution. You’ve found the right team of Houston lawyer at Greco Neyland.

Through our Houston office, Greco Neyland is able to provide the robust criminal defense to any and all criminal offenses in Texas. Our practice focuses primarily on criminal charges in Houston and Harris County, but we have experienced throughout the state. Plus, as a multi-state office, Greco Neyland is certainly a national law firm with a local feel and approach to criminal defense.

Our Areas of Practice in Houston

At Greco Neyland in Houston, our focus is on giving each client the top criminal defense in the city. Whether you face charges for shoplifting or a serious felony offense, we have the skills and experience to take your case– and we never assume that less serious charges require a less vigilant defense. No matter the severity of the type of criminal charges in Houston or Harris County, our team does everything possible to win a dismissal.

Our areas of practice in Houston include:

  • Defense to property crimes: we have extensive experience with criminal charges for shoplifting, theft, grand larceny, and other property offenses under Texas law.
    Fighting charges for driving while intoxicated: our team provides advice and representation to first-time DWI offenders and fights subsequent charges. We also handle felony DWI defense.
  • Defense to violent crimes: we take cases involving accusations of violent crime and actions, including burglary and other offenses.
  • Representation against prostitution charges: our experience extends to all types of prostitution charges, including those involving solicitation, payment of money or other assets in exchange for sexual conduct, and pandering.
  • Defense to Possession Charges: Houston drug charges are strict and require a tough defense, even when facing the least serious offense for possession. Our team regularly provides a successful defense to possession charges.
  • Possession of Guns and Firearms: the right to bear arms is highly respected under Texas law, but there are also forceful criminal statutes that restrict who, where, and how an individual can carry a firearm, we help ensure your rights are upheld.

Don’t see information on your criminal charges above? We encourage you to still contact our team at Greco Neyland. We have experience in several other areas of criminal law in Houston and can ensure you find the legal assistance you need.

Contacting Greco Neyland in Houston

It’s easy to reach a Houston criminal lawyer at Greco Neyland. We are available 24/7 to take your calls and offer every new client a free, confidential consultation. You can come to our office, meet our team, and discuss your case without making a financial commitment to hire our firm.

Ready to learn more about one of Houston’s most respected criminal defense firms? Contact Greco Neyland at (713) 972-1100.

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State Bar of Texas

Finding the Best Bankruptcy Help in NYC

To access the best bankruptcy help in NYC, you need to work with the right lawyers. Start by analyzing a given law firm you are about to hire for your case before you proceed to sign a contract. Bankruptcy has different advantages as well as disadvantages. You need to start by analyzing the different chapters of bankruptcy which you can file. If you can locate the right bankruptcy lawyer, he will offer the best bankruptcy help in NYC because the lawyer will discuss with you the advantages as well as drawbacks of filling under different chapters. If you are confused, then you can rely on the lawyer to guide you so that you can make the right decision. There are several benefits of hiring the best lawyer. He will always ensure you achieve the best results out of the bankruptcy process. Some of the tips you can employ to hire the best lawyer for your bankruptcy case include the following:

Free consultation

Lawyers who offer free consultation are the best to hire. With free consultation, you will get an overview of different chapters of bankruptcy which you can file depending on your financial states. To know whether a given law firm where you are about to access bankruptcy help NYC services offers free consultation, you need to check their official website. With the free consultation services, you will get to discuss with a professional in the field of finance who will let you know the best options you have when dealing with a given case. In such a case, it will be every easy to make the right decision when filing for bankruptcy.

Success story by past clients

Before you hire a given law firm, there are several other clients who were faced with a problem just like the one you are suffering from. In order to make the right decision, you need to research and find out what other people are saying about the legal representation offered by a given company. There are many people out there who have filed for bankruptcy successfully. You need to ask the law firm about the success stories if they have any so that you can refer. Remember if you can hire a law firm which has good reputation in offering the best legal representation, there will be a lot of people with great reviews and success stories about the quality services they were offered.

What is the fees structure at the law firm?

There are two major issues you need to check out before you hire a bankruptcy lawyer. First, you need to ensure the quality of services is up to standards. The second issue you need to check out is the quality of the services. Insist on hiring a professional who will offer you the best services at fair rates. Take time to look at the fees structure in the law firm from where you can determine whether the law firm offers the best legal services at reasonable rates or the firm is out to exploit you.

Ask around before hiring the lawyers

Before you proceed to hire the lawyers, you need to ask around. There are some bankruptcy lawyers who are known to offer the best legal advice and representation. If you know of someone who has ever filed for bankruptcy, then you need to contact such a person and get to hear from him about the lawyers he hired to represent him. Hiring highly qualified lawyers for your case makes it possible to realize the best results.

Check whether the lawyers in the law firm specialize in bankruptcy

To increase chances of achieving the best results, you need to go for bankruptcy help in NYC in a law firm which specializes in bankruptcy. When a law firm specializes in bankruptcy, they tend to master the art of representing clients. You can take advantage of their wide experience to realize the best results out of your bankruptcy filing process.

We are the best bankruptcy lawyers in NYC. If you are looking for the best legal representation, then you need to hire us. Our contact numbers are as follows:


Law Offices of Michelle Labayen P.C.

(212) 381-6083

Our address is 600 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10016
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Bankruptcy Lawyer NYC

3 Reasons To Hire A NYC DWI Lawyer

Being on the wrong side of the law is not something that anyone wants. You don’t even have to be a hardened criminal to land yourself in trouble. Sometimes all it takes is one wrong choice or even a case of mistaken identity to ruin your pristine record. A great example in this case is that of DWI violations. In full, DWI refers to driving while intoxicated. It could be you were operating the vehicle under the influence of narcotics, debilitating prescription medication or alcohol. Whatever it is, there is no denying the fact that you will need the services of a great DWI lawyer.

A good NYC DWI lawyer will help you navigate your way through the tricky legal system whether you were guilty or wrongly accused. It could be that you need advice and help contesting the citation. Or maybe you require legal representation during court hearings for the DWI or DUI charges. In a nutshell, a lawyer will definitely help make your work easier by doing all the heavy lifting for you.

3 reasons why NYC DWI lawyers are the best

An NYC DWI lawyer is basically like a lifeline if you are drowning in all the legal jargon and protocols when dealing with these citations. So what is it that makes them special? Below are 3 answers to this question.

1. Unmatched experience
When it comes to dealing with DWI legal issues in NYC, having experience on your side is definitely a bonus. A good NYC DWI lawyer will have worked in that particular field long enough to understand just how the local legal system works. This puts them in the best position to offer you all the help that you need. The experience also comes in handy when it comes to finding loopholes that will allow you to get the proceedings over and done with as soon as possible.

2. Dedication to success and client satisfaction
NYC DWI lawyers are famous for their successful track records. The success is as a result of their dedication to ensuring that you get a fair trial and ruling. Maybe you were wrongly accused and you want the case dismissed entirely. Or it could be that you were actually on the wrong and would like a lenient ruling and a second chance. In both cases, you can rest assured that your legal reps will have your back and get you exactly what you paid for.

3. Uncompromising professionalism
Finally, you need to consider working with an NYC DWI lawyer for the sake of guaranteed professionalism. Every client is treated like royalty receiving the utmost respect, undivided attention and unrestricted effort. This level of professionalism ensures that the job gets done. It also ensures that you feel safe and well taken care of.

Reach out and let us help
If you’ve got a traffic citation for driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs then you will need our help. Get in touch with us and benefit from the services of a great NYC DWI lawyer. That way the entire process will be a lot easier to manage with significantly more favorable rewards to look forward to.

8 Top Reasons Why You Need a Long Island NY Immigration Lawyer

Immigration lawyers in Long Island NY serve a noble purpose. They largely enable different people to start new lives in lands filled with more and more opportunities which do not exist in their old countries. Having a well experienced Long Island NY Immigration Lawyer will help you in the general process of navigating the entire process or steps for applying any immigration adjustment such as permanent residency or even naturalization. But why hire an Immigration Lawyer? Below are some top reasons for hiring an experienced Immigration Lawyer in Long Island NY:

1. Representation in legal hearings

There are some cases whereby an immigrant is told to appear in the court for an immigration hearing. The immigration lawyer will represent you and speak on your behalf by presenting all possible facts as to why you should retain or stay within a particular residence in the country. The lawyer also prepares the immigrant for the court hearing and provides instructions on the possible questions that may be asked and how to answer them.

2. Appealing denied applications

Sometimes, an immigrant’s application can be denied, and he or she may decide to file a case for reconsideration also called an appeal. By simply getting an immigration lawyer, filling of the appeal with all the necessary paperwork becomes easy. Since the appeal process can take some weeks or even months, the lawyer will help you prepare for the court appearance for your reconsideration.

3. Getting referrals

If an immigrant isn’t proficient in either the culture or language spoke in Long Island NY, the immigration lawyers usually provide some referrals to agencies that help the immigrant easily overcome the challenges being faced. The immigrants are guided to learning centers where they are taught both the local language and also the history of that particular nation. In these centers, citizenship tests are performed which increase the chances of successfully attaining citizenship.

4. Encountering delays

It can take some years for you to obtain a Green Card and secure your citizenship. Quite often, the immigration law can sometimes mandate the period an individual should live and work before they apply for citizenship. People are also required to pass both language and citizenship tests to show that they understand the culture. The immigration lawyer will always remain on your side and give you advice for you to pass the tests and prove that you are worth obtaining citizenship within the country.

5. Change of immigration laws 

Both politicians and lawmakers are always looking for some ways that either alter or improve the laws governing immigration. These laws can either be reduced or even become stricter depending on political climate. Due to these law changes, the process of becoming a citizen can be challenging and thus hiring an immigration lawyer is of great help because he or she will help you in navigating through the whole process with ease.

6. In case of deportation

There are instances whereby an individual is deported due to various issues that arise. This doesn’t mean that you are barred from immigration for life. All you need to do is to consult a Long Island NY Immigration Lawyer for some guidelines on how to be able to get back and continue with your regular day to day activities.

7. Criminal background

There are individuals who have a criminal background and would wish to move to Long Island NY for various issues including job or even education purposes. By simply finding a well-experienced immigration attorney in Long Island NY, you can get some help due to the fact that not all crimes are treated equally. Also, the immigration process is very tedious and thus requires an expert in the field to smoothen the entire process.

8. Protection of your legal rights

Regardless of your immigration status, it is the right of an individual to be safe and protected against exploitation, abuse or even crime. Looking for a well-experienced immigration lawyer in Long Island NY will help you in getting some assistance regarding these inhuman treatments.

In conclusion, almost all immigration procedures are difficult and have got many steps to be undertaken as well as papers to file. However, irrespective of your immigration status, hiring an experienced Immigration Lawyer in Long Island NY will lessen the complication of the whole process.



The law and you

The following section is intended to provide general guidance about the legal process and general information about various aspects of the law. It is not intended to be advice on your specific situation. You should consult an attorney to see how your situation applies to the law. Attorneys are trained in the law and provide advice about how specific fact situations would be handled under the law.

Courts in Louisiana

Your divorce action in Louisiana will take place in what is referred to as the district court. Generally each parish has a district court although there are some parishes that have a district court in combination with an adjacent parish. In order for a court to hear your divorce or custody case the court must have what is known as jurisdiction. Jurisdiction is the legal power and authority of a court to hear and determine an action. For the court to have jurisdiction to hear your case you must live within the parish of the court.

Louisiana Community Property Law

Louisiana is one of nine community property states in the United States. Community property states divide marital property equally between the spouses in a divorce. Community property is property acquired during the marriage. Community debts are debts acquired during the marriage. Under Louisiana law, the division of community property takes place after the divorce. The suit to partition the community property is a separate suit after the divorce.

Child Custody and Visitation in Louisiana

Child custody in Louisiana is based upon the best interest of the child. The law provides the judge with a list of factors to use in making or
modifying child custody. These factors are found in Civil Code Article 134 as follows:
Art. 134 Factors in determining child’s best interest
The court shall consider all relevant factors in determining the best interest of the child. Such factors may include:
(1) The love, affection, and other emotional ties between each party and the child.
(2) The capacity and disposition of each party to give the child love, affection, and spiritual guidance and to continue the education and
rearing of the child.
(3) The capacity and disposition of each party to provide the child with food, clothing, medical care, and other material needs.
(4) The length of time the child has lived in a stable, adequate environment, and the desirability of maintaining continuity of that environment.
(5) The permanence, as a family unit, of the existing or proposed custodial home or homes.
(6) The moral fitness of each party, insofar as it affects the welfare of the child.
(7) The mental and physical health of each party.
(8) The home, school, and community history of the child.
(9) The reasonable preference of the child, if the court deems the child to be of sufficient age to express a preference.
(10) The willingness and ability of each party to facilitate and encourage a close and continuing relationship between the child and the other party.
(11) The distance between the respective residences of the parties.
(12) The responsibility for the care and rearing of the child previously exercised by each party.
Art. 134 Factors in determining child’s best interestThe court shall consider all relevant factors in determining the best interest of the child. Such factors may include:(1) The love, affection, and other emotional ties between each party and the child.(2) The capacity and disposition of each party to give the child love, affection, and spiritual guidance and to continue the education and rearing of the child.(3) The capacity and disposition of each party to provide the child with food, clothing, medical care, and other material needs.(4) The length of time the child has lived in a stable, adequate environment, and the desirability of maintaining continuity of that environment.(5) The permanence, as a family unit, of the existing or proposed custodial home or homes.(6) The moral fitness of each party, insofar as it affects the welfare of the child.(7) The mental and physical health of each party.(8) The home, school, and community history of the child.(9) The reasonable preference of the child, if the court deems the child to be of sufficient age to express a preference.(10) The willingness and ability of each party to facilitate and encourage a close and continuing relationship between the child and the other party.(11) The distance between the respective residences of the parties.(12) The responsibility for the care and rearing of the child previously exercised by each party.
Joint legal custody is the preferred custody in Louisiana. Joint legal custody means that the parents
share in decision making regarding the child. It does not mean each parent has the same amount of time with the child.
Shared custody is the term used to mean each party has physical custody of the child for approximately the same amount of time, usually
on a week to week basis.

Child Support in Louisiana

Child support is awarded to the party that has custody of the child. It is based upon the party requesting child support being in need and the other party having the ability to pay. The law provides for a schedule to calculate the amount of child support based upon the incomes of each parent. The income is gross income per month. Gross income means all sources of income without deduction of any expenses. The total child support amount is derived by adding the two parents monthly income together and finding the nearest amount on the child support schedule based upon the combined income and the number of children. This amount is multiplied by the percentage of combined monthly income for the parent paying child support. Certain adjustments are allowed such as health insurance paid for by the parent for the child and any extraordinary expenses of the child such as day care or private school. A judgment of child support will be retroactive back to the date of the request for the child support.

Divorce in Louisiana

Louisiana law provides for two methods of obtaining divorce. They are generally referred to by the code articles that establish these two types, Article 102 and Article 103. The difference basically is that under an Article 102 divorce, the party seeking the divorce files for the divorce and then must wait the required amount of time before obtaining the divorce, based upon whether the parties have children of the marriage. Under Article 103, the parties must have been living separate and apart for the required amount of time before the divorce is filed. All types of divorce require that the other party be served with the petition or sign a waiver of service. A waiver of service is a document stating that the party has received a copy of the divorce petition or other pleading.

Under an Article 102 divorce, the petition is filed and served upon the other party. The time limits are 180 days if the parties do not have minor children and 365 days if they do have minor children. The days are counted from the date the petition is served upon the other party or the date the waiver of service is signed. Generally if there are children, a hearing is scheduled when the petition is filed. This hearing will be to determine child custody, child support, spousal support if sought and use of the family home or family vehicles if that is an issue. Community property is not decided at this hearing. After the time period has passed a rule for final divorce is filed and served upon the other party. A hearing is set to which neither party need attend and the judgement of divorce is presented to the judge for signature. If the parties have not previously agreed upon community property, then a division of community property can now be requested.