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* Do you know what the DNS A record is?

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What DNS A record is:

In the world of DNS records, the A record is one of the most commonly used. It serves a very important purpose to map hostnames and their representative IP addresses ((IPv4). Without it, you will need to know each IP address of each website you want to visit.

To make an A record, there are just 2 characteristics needed:

  • We start with the hostname like
  • And second, we need to direct it to the IP address we want

Do you need help adding an A record? We have just the right step-by-step tutorial for you here! Learning how to create A records is a good start for understanding DNS, as it is a fundamental DNS record. There are separate DNS records for IPv6, the AAAA records. The A records work with IPv4 addresses.

A record VS CNAME record