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Have a legal question or problem in Houston? You are probably seeking the best possible lawyer and legal advice to provide a solution. You’ve found the right team of Houston lawyer at Greco Neyland.

Through our Houston office, Greco Neyland is able to provide the robust criminal defense to any and all criminal offenses in Texas. Our practice focuses primarily on criminal charges in Houston and Harris County, but we have experienced throughout the state. Plus, as a multi-state office, Greco Neyland is certainly a national law firm with a local feel and approach to criminal defense.

Our Areas of Practice in Houston

At Greco Neyland in Houston, our focus is on giving each client the top criminal defense in the city. Whether you face charges for shoplifting or a serious felony offense, we have the skills and experience to take your case– and we never assume that less serious charges require a less vigilant defense. No matter the severity of the type of criminal charges in Houston or Harris County, our team does everything possible to win a dismissal.

Our areas of practice in Houston include:

  • Defense to property crimes: we have extensive experience with criminal charges for shoplifting, theft, grand larceny, and other property offenses under Texas law.
    Fighting charges for driving while intoxicated: our team provides advice and representation to first-time DWI offenders and fights subsequent charges. We also handle felony DWI defense.
  • Defense to violent crimes: we take cases involving accusations of violent crime and actions, including burglary and other offenses.
  • Representation against prostitution charges: our experience extends to all types of prostitution charges, including those involving solicitation, payment of money or other assets in exchange for sexual conduct, and pandering.
  • Defense to Possession Charges: Houston drug charges are strict and require a tough defense, even when facing the least serious offense for possession. Our team regularly provides a successful defense to possession charges.
  • Possession of Guns and Firearms: the right to bear arms is highly respected under Texas law, but there are also forceful criminal statutes that restrict who, where, and how an individual can carry a firearm, we help ensure your rights are upheld.

Don’t see information on your criminal charges above? We encourage you to still contact our team at Greco Neyland. We have experience in several other areas of criminal law in Houston and can ensure you find the legal assistance you need.

Contacting Greco Neyland in Houston

It’s easy to reach a Houston criminal lawyer at Greco Neyland. We are available 24/7 to take your calls and offer every new client a free, confidential consultation. You can come to our office, meet our team, and discuss your case without making a financial commitment to hire our firm.

Ready to learn more about one of Houston’s most respected criminal defense firms? Contact Greco Neyland at (713) 972-1100.

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