8 Top Reasons Why You Need a Long Island NY Immigration Lawyer

Immigration lawyers in Long Island NY serve a noble purpose. They largely enable different people to start new lives in lands filled with more and more opportunities which do not exist in their old countries. Having a well experienced Long Island NY Immigration Lawyer will help you in the general process of navigating the entire process or steps for applying any immigration adjustment such as permanent residency or even naturalization. But why hire an Immigration Lawyer? Below are some top reasons for hiring an experienced Immigration Lawyer in Long Island NY:

1. Representation in legal hearings

There are some cases whereby an immigrant is told to appear in the court for an immigration hearing. The immigration lawyer will represent you and speak on your behalf by presenting all possible facts as to why you should retain or stay within a particular residence in the country. The lawyer also prepares the immigrant for the court hearing and provides instructions on the possible questions that may be asked and how to answer them.

2. Appealing denied applications

Sometimes, an immigrant’s application can be denied, and he or she may decide to file a case for reconsideration also called an appeal. By simply getting an immigration lawyer, filling of the appeal with all the necessary paperwork becomes easy. Since the appeal process can take some weeks or even months, the lawyer will help you prepare for the court appearance for your reconsideration.

3. Getting referrals

If an immigrant isn’t proficient in either the culture or language spoke in Long Island NY, the immigration lawyers usually provide some referrals to agencies that help the immigrant easily overcome the challenges being faced. The immigrants are guided to learning centers where they are taught both the local language and also the history of that particular nation. In these centers, citizenship tests are performed which increase the chances of successfully attaining citizenship.

4. Encountering delays

It can take some years for you to obtain a Green Card and secure your citizenship. Quite often, the immigration law can sometimes mandate the period an individual should live and work before they apply for citizenship. People are also required to pass both language and citizenship tests to show that they understand the culture. The immigration lawyer will always remain on your side and give you advice for you to pass the tests and prove that you are worth obtaining citizenship within the country.

5. Change of immigration laws 

Both politicians and lawmakers are always looking for some ways that either alter or improve the laws governing immigration. These laws can either be reduced or even become stricter depending on political climate. Due to these law changes, the process of becoming a citizen can be challenging and thus hiring an immigration lawyer is of great help because he or she will help you in navigating through the whole process with ease.

6. In case of deportation

There are instances whereby an individual is deported due to various issues that arise. This doesn’t mean that you are barred from immigration for life. All you need to do is to consult a Long Island NY Immigration Lawyer for some guidelines on how to be able to get back and continue with your regular day to day activities.

7. Criminal background

There are individuals who have a criminal background and would wish to move to Long Island NY for various issues including job or even education purposes. By simply finding a well-experienced immigration attorney in Long Island NY, you can get some help due to the fact that not all crimes are treated equally. Also, the immigration process is very tedious and thus requires an expert in the field to smoothen the entire process.

8. Protection of your legal rights

Regardless of your immigration status, it is the right of an individual to be safe and protected against exploitation, abuse or even crime. Looking for a well-experienced immigration lawyer in Long Island NY will help you in getting some assistance regarding these inhuman treatments.

In conclusion, almost all immigration procedures are difficult and have got many steps to be undertaken as well as papers to file. However, irrespective of your immigration status, hiring an experienced Immigration Lawyer in Long Island NY will lessen the complication of the whole process.